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In the year 1900, the first school in the Glenemma District was built. The locals managed to muster up the required ten pupils, and by the time construction was finished, there were seven more to help fill up the school. The government provided the teacher's salary and shared the expense of the school building. In 1908, all of the students in the lower east end of the valley, now Schweps Bridge, walked the four or five miles to Glenemma for their schooling. A school was built to accommodate the students on the Schweps property. A feud then erupted between he settlers, and it was jokingly suggested during a card game that the looser should burn down the school and it could then be built on an area they all could agree on. Coincidentally, the school burned down shortly after and was then built again but on the same property as before.

The first Falkland School was an office-storeroom which later became the Falkland United Church. The school began in 1912 with 20 students. Occasionally the attendance would drop and a younger student would then be enrolled. Don Ferguson attended at the age of six and spent most of the days learning the names of his classmates and walking the teacher's small Terrier, which was kept in a small box by the teacher's desk.

As enrollment increased, it became necessary to use the company's cook house, which was situated next to the mountain, north of the present day school. By 1925, both buildings became inadequate. David Howrie of Vernon was then contracted to build a one room school. The land was donated by the Salmon River Land Company and is the site of the present day school.

Increases in enrollment caused the school to move around a bit from the one-room building that had just been built to the home of the Company's storekeeper as well as the Archie Wiseman home. In 1934, enrollment had jumped to 39 students and another room was added. The enrollment began to grow quite rapidly, and the new gymnasium (that had been built after 1934) was turned into a classroom with an extra classroom, gymnasium, and washroom.

Consolidation in 1950 constituted a heavy building program in the Salmon Arm School District. Construction at the Falkland School increased the number of classrooms to five. A staff room, library, and office were also added. This upgrading gave the school a consolidated Elementary status (High School) which necessitated a detailed transportation program. The school now served students from Heywood's corner to Falkland.

The year 1957 saw the school revert back to elementary status. When the bussing schedule changed, the grade eleven and twelve students took the bus to Salmon Arm. Many changes were made after that ... eventually secondary students were bussed to Vernon.

Today Falkland School is an elementary school with students from grade eight through twelve being bussed to Armstrong. Falkland School has never been a very large school but it has always been a nice place to be taught. The teachers are friendly and have the time to learn their pupils names without having to try to remember hundreds of names, as they would in much larger schools. Mr. Tony Brummet was principal of Falkland School from 1959 to 1964. He later went into B.C Provincial Politics and served as Education Minister. So perhaps a Falkland Elementary Student will become very famous because of the fact they went to such a great school? You never know!

Another former teacher Mrs. E. McAfee taught at various times at Falkland School from 1968 to 1975. Mrs. Wendy VanHoof (who attended Falkland School and is Mrs. McAfee's daughter) carries on the tradition of teaching at Falkland School from 1979 to present day. Many Teachers have taught at Falkland School over the time, many of them taught for quite a few years, I hope in the future Falkland School continues to be a great place to teach and to learn.

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