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Falkland Parent Advisory Council

2017 - 2018

The P.A.C, or Parent Advisory Council, is a non-profit group who constantly aids our school by organizing and countributing to school fundraisers.

PAC Meetings announced on our school calendar - please check regularly for upcoming meetings.
All parents are encouraged to attend . . . . your help is greatly appreciated.

If you have a child that attends the school you are a PAC member.
The more parents/guardians that get involved the more we can do for our children and our school.
The objectives are to increase communication, support the learning environment, and provide an opportunity for all parents to participate in the school community.
The PAC is a liaison with the principal,teachers,students and their families to provide ongoing communication regarding policies in the school, any fundraising activities, parental concerns, and areas of interest.
The parent advisory committee meets to discuss school matters, find ways to raise funds, and help staff plan special activities. The PACĀ  has an important influence on the life at the school.


PRESIDENT               Jodie Gillman   250-540-6762

VICE-PRESIDENT  Jenn Hurren             250-550-4662

TREASURER               Kelly Stalker           

SECRETARY               Christine Leclerc       250-379-2272 or 250-309-5824

DIRECTORS               Peggy Carlisle
                        Becki Ellis
                        June Quiring
                        Shy-Ann Abel            
                        Karoll Brosnan          

FUNDRAISING     Cindy Van Hoof
                        June Quiring            
                        Louise Bouchard
                        Yvonne Logan

HOT LUNCH               Karoll Brosnan

POPCORN         Louise Bouchard
                        June Quiring

STUDENT         Yvonne Logan
PLANNING                Kelly Stalker
COUNCIL         Louise Bouchard

pac bylaws and constitutions March 2015.pdf

 Last Modified: 21 September,2017