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The Community

of Falkland!

The History of Falkland goes back a long ways, the members of the Salish tribes frequently stayed in the Slahaltkan during the summer to gather the tribes food for the winter. It was the job of the women to prepare the fish and meat for drying beside the fire. Where to put the meat caused slight disagreement among the women because the ever-changing breeze would cause the wind to blow in changing directions. Thus the valley was named "Slahaltkan", meaning "Meeting of the winds".

The name Slahaltkan was never used among the people who eventually settled in the area, although the sub-post office bore the name. When the settlement developed and they needed a postal address, the government asked if Colonel Falkland G.E Warren, R.H.A; C.M.G.;C.B (an earlier pioneer in the valley)would object to his name being used. The postal records from 1894 said that the proposals for the new post office in the area would either be "Falkland" or "Salmon River."

Falkland hasn't really changed very much in the last few years, many of the people who live in Falkland enjoy the lifestyle that the small community provides.

The standard joke in Falkland was that if you blinked while driving through it you might miss it, while that may not be true, Falkland is still pretty small.

In celebration of the war's end, the residents of Falkland and surrounding area planned a large picnic. Everyone was excited about the idea, especially the children who looked forward to the races, food and homemade ice cream.

On the date of March 24, 1919, in the gyp field in the north west corner of the townsite they gathered, never imagining that many decades later people from all over the world would come to Falkland to enjoy one of B.C's most legendary events- the Falkland Stampede. The early years of the rodeo were filled with great ideas and the need for many things, including a fence to protect the spectators and a small corral to hold the horses. The first site chosen for the more permanent facilities was what then was the old mill site but now is known as the school ball field. Events included Chuck Wagon racing, Buffalo bull riding, bucking horse riding and many other small games for the children and women.

Today, the Rodeo is somewhat more Tame, but I believe it to be just as much fun as it was nearly a hundred years ago!

 Last Modified: 10 April,2008